Friday, 25 July 2008

saturday morning....

it's 10:00 am...
the clouds are dark..
i think it's gonna rain..
i hope so..
coz the weather here is really
it's kinda quiet in here..
without my lapptoppy
i cant take this..

Im waiting for my baby's mEssage..
i think she's still asleep..
talking to her is really enjoying..
i love when we talk things
without aNy problem..
any TOPIC:)
any WORD:)
anything we can talk it all Out:)
ilove her sense of humor:)
love her attitude:)
and of course I LOVE HER;)

I have many things To do..
and i feel sleepy.
so many trash on our house. many dirt.
so many bacteria.hahaha.LOL

ok..i really need to do all the chores..
coz my mom will be coming home.

i need to finish all her errands.
or else i'll just let her
to start her mouth and pissed me Off.

time to goooo..
another nonsense blog

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

first time:)

first time to blog.
wahaha.try Lang.
anong feeling ng ngbbLog.
ok Lang nmn.
hilig q2.haha.mgtype ng mgtype
ng nffeeL q.
kc e2 Lng ung way q to express
my true feelings:)

free writing aq. q.
it's 10:32 pm..
Kinda late na.
pero my eyes are still awake.
pero i dont usually
sleep early.
khit hobby q un.
nffeel q mag stay up late.
mas mdami aq nggawa pag gabi.
im waiting.. patiently waiting..
to receive a message from my baby:)
kinda boring na..kc ala mgwa.
wala c krong.wla c jho.wla c baby.
haha.nmmiz qn c tatlo.
bt gnun.?wla aqng nttnggap na
ill sleep n nga lang.
wla ng sense ung pinagssulat ko..

goodnyt everyone.this is my first blog..
first non-sense blog.haha
stay tuned for other nonsense blog:D