Friday, 25 July 2008

saturday morning....

it's 10:00 am...
the clouds are dark..
i think it's gonna rain..
i hope so..
coz the weather here is really
it's kinda quiet in here..
without my lapptoppy
i cant take this..

Im waiting for my baby's mEssage..
i think she's still asleep..
talking to her is really enjoying..
i love when we talk things
without aNy problem..
any TOPIC:)
any WORD:)
anything we can talk it all Out:)
ilove her sense of humor:)
love her attitude:)
and of course I LOVE HER;)

I have many things To do..
and i feel sleepy.
so many trash on our house. many dirt.
so many bacteria.hahaha.LOL

ok..i really need to do all the chores..
coz my mom will be coming home.

i need to finish all her errands.
or else i'll just let her
to start her mouth and pissed me Off.

time to goooo..
another nonsense blog

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